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Advanced Wellness & Chiropractic  
At the Advanced Wellness Center we provide natural solutions for all of your healthcare needs. We are the trusted leaders in alternative medicine in the Long Beach area. Our team of doctors and practitioners offers more than 200 years of combined experience in natural healing.

You, like many people, may only see your medical doctor for brief visits, when you fall ill or for periodic exams. Your fear is that you will be diagnosed with a disease, leading to treatment requiring medication or surgery. Both options have risks, side effects and even a lifetime of disease management. Or, perhaps you believe that illness and declining health associated with age is inevitable, random, or mostly caused by unfortunate genetics. This does not have to be your reality.
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I just want to thank you for the wonderful way that you’ve treated me every time that I come in. You’ve done wonders for me and I’ve changed a great deal because of it. I feel healthier, I think healthier, and my life is happier thanks to you


My mom always had a holistic approach towards the body, so it's a philosphy I've grown up with. The Advanced Wellness Center is a perfect fit for me, and glad to have it and its practitioners in my 'hood. I teach a natural childbirth class, so am often referring my students to chiropractors (to make sure your body is aligned so the baby can have as smooth an exit as possible, and mom will have less discomfort), and acupuncture to stimulate labor more organically, to avoid the awful drug Pitocin often used in hospitals to do the same. So Dr Bryan Ales, DC, and Amy Le Sage, acupuncturist/ herbalist, are top on my referral list! Dr Bryan Ales: Because I have gone to chiropractors for well-care since I was a child, I've experienced many styles and approaches from different practitioners over the years. Upon seeing Dr Bryan Ales personally, upon referral of a few friends who raved about him, I was first struck by his positive energy (how could you not?) and then was impressed by his depth of knowledge. He's one of those people who is always trying to better himself to help everyone around him, which I really appreciate. He approached my "symptoms" beyond which I came in for, and was perceptive on other things going on in my life. For those who are athletic/ sports-minded, I think you would really connect with Dr Ales. He himself is very athletic himself, and wants you to be able to enjoy life in this capacity, so will work on you and give you tips so that you can achieve this. He is also tuned in with pregnant women's needs, and is a great asset to many of my students in this regard. Amy LeSage: Amy has such a genuine, positive nature, and has excellent instincts. I consider Amy part of my wellness team, keeping me in check, and she's been a miracle worker for my pregnant students. So many of them have avoided hospital inducement by seeing her after their water breaks to get labor going naturally. She has a gift of being very tuned into the baby, and trust me, everyone benefits from this. She is also very knowledgeable about Chinese herbs, and practices what she preaches. One of these days I will do those cleanses she's always doing...well, maybe not. (She's far more disciplined than I in that regard:) Glad to have these two practitioners and the Advanced Wellness Center in general here. It's a fantastic resource for maintaining or reestablishing your well being. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

-Anne Marie R.

Advanced Wellness & Chiropractic
Address: 6423 Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90803
Phone: 562-795-6680
Fax: 562-799-9575
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Business Tagline: Your wellness is our goal and in your control.
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