Sales Opportunities Network in New Port Richey, FL
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Address: 6139 Fjord Way
New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone: (727) 847 2464
Additional Phones: (727) 847-5959 Fax
Business Type: Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
Business Type: Business and Professional
Business Type: Consulting
Mobile Services: Yes
Online Services: Yes
Sales Opportunities Network  
The Sales Opportunities Network is the brainchild of international media consultant Mike Blinder, who has developed online sales programs implemented by over 50,000 businesses worldwide! Mike is also author of "Survival Selling", a book that is helping tens of thousands adopt better sales tactics in tough economic times. Mike Blinder consults hundreds of local media companies on the best methods to help their local advertisers find new customers using Web marketing solutions. In order to help more businesses in more local markets grow their revenue effectively using new online solutions, Mike has hired a team of some of the best multimedia consultants in the world to work with you on finding new customers in tough economic times!
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Sales Opportunities Network

Sales Opportunities Network — Services — New Port Richey

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